Thursday, October 29, 2015

Everything Was Blue

Fall is my favorite time of year, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to give up my Spring florals. By adding a jacket, tights, and some wedge booties, I was able to transform this spring dress (similar) into the perfect outfit for a 70 degree, Fall day. The leaves have finally started to change in Ashland, so I might be leaving behind my blue tones for a little bit, to move into a more red-centered style, but blue was perfect for when these pictures were taken, especially considering the amount of rain that followed. 

I also want to give a special shout out to the fraternity men who walked past me taking this pictures and didn't make a comment, the couple that passed by me and let me pet their puppy (who might have been the cutest puppy to ever exist), and the large group of bicyclists who scared me unintentionally went they rode by. You made this shoot interesting for me at least. 
Also, I just registered for my spring semester classes, which is extremely weird because I still feel like everything is so new to me, but at the same time I can see how far I have come in the past few months. My best friend and I were texting the other day, and we talked about how much we felt we had grown and changed since coming to college. We both went to separate schools, I came with no one from my graduation class and she went with one other person from our school, but they never see each other, and because of that we felt like we grew during the first week of school. We remarked on how scary it was to walk into the dinning hall and not see each other and/or not having anyone we knew to sit with. It might be a little thing, but no one really ever prepares you for that before going to college. Sure, I understood that I was going to school by myself, but no one can really articulate how it feels to be pretty much on your own for the first month of school. And the funny thing is, over half of my Freshman class was in the same boat, and we still didn't talk about it. Eventually we all make friends and you start to feel like you belong finally, but until then there is a lot of growth that you undergo as a person. As nerve-racking as it was at the time, I'm glad that I experienced that, because now I make a point to eat by myself sometimes, just to have that time to organize my day and think through my week (because College is also jam-packed with stuff to do, and ultimately you will be like me and miss two interest meetings because you forgot to put them in your planner). 
I remember the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie had to be comfortable with being by herself. The few times I've seen it before it hasn't really meant much to me, but that first month of school it really sank in. Sure, I'll still take eating with friends to going solo any day, but at least now I know how to be okay on my own, and I think that's an important to learn, since we are the only constant in our lives. 

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