Friday, October 2, 2015

Hey There, Joaquin

Not even rain can keep me away from Chicly, Bee. I was so excited when I got these rain boots before school, and now I finally get to wear them! I'm also absolutely obsessed with my new umbrella and my added monogram. I think it really adds extra prep to my puffer vest (Similar)  and gingham shirt. Finally, I added a basic black skirt to my wardrobe (I really didn't have one, and I'm not sure how that happened).

I admitted to my dad yesterday that, though I've braved many a hurricane, I am a bit concerned about Joaquin approaching. According to his psycho-analysis, it's because I've lost the security blanket of my parents, and I'm not going to pretend like he isn't right. I've only been living "on my own" for a month now, and suddenly the universe decides to hit me with a natural disaster. Super! Of course, everything's going to be fine, I live in a cinderblock building after all, but the thing about irrational fears is that they are, well, irrational. Hopefully seeing both of my parents on Saturday will calm me down, or maybe I'll just burst into tears, who knows?! Until then, you'll find me prepping for the possible apocalypse and burying myself in school work.

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