Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nothing but Blue Skies

If I could wear this outfit everyday, I definitely would. I was so excited when I found this shirt on sale this summer, and couldn't wait until Fall to wear it. Now that Autumn has arrived, I love pairing it with a basic skirt, tights, and my new loafers (similar). All it needed was a statement necklace and my staple pearls.

Apparently Joaquin was a flake, or maybe I just got stood-up, but he certainly did not hit Ashland, Virginia. However, there was enough rain to drive a girl crazy! Not to mention, my beautiful Buick decided it wanted to make a lake in the passenger's floorboard. On the bright side, we finally figured out where the funky smell in my car came from, and it should be gone soon!
The power decided to quite on Ashland last night, and just in time for midterms! Thankfully, all of my tests are behind me now, and I can just look forward to the upcoming fall break. Just two more days! 

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