Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day: Senior Year

Jacket: eBay, Dress: Peebles, Shoes: Peebles

Hey there everyone! Today was the last first day of high school for me, and it was definitely bitter sweet. It's so amazing to see how far I've come, and how much my classmates and I have grown up over the years, but it seems like we've finally figured it all out, just in time to move on to the next thing. I guess that's just how life works!
For the first day, I decided to wear one of the dresses that I picked up at Peebles for the first day or school, and paired it with my staple leather jacket and my new favorite shoes! This shoes are so cute and surprisingly comfortable. I've never really said that about a pair of heels before, but I could walk a good while in these bad boys!
The picture at the bottom is obviously not recent. It was actually taken on my first day of kindergarten, so of course I had to bring it out and be nostalgic. I like to think my fashion game has stepped up since then... All pink everything, anyone?
I think it's so cool to see how much, not only I've changed, but also the background. Both pictures were taken in the same place, but almost nothing is the same. I'm growing up, and it turns out my house has been growing with me!


  1. Hi Shelby-
    Have a great last school year! We loved the way you styled your "first day of school" look. Would you mind if we shared it on our social media pages?

    Have a great weekend!

    Peebles Social Media Team

    1. Thank you so much! I wouldn't mind at all actually.