Sunday, June 11, 2017

It Was All Yellow

I am not being sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

     With this warm weather, I'm getting back into the swing of wearing bright colors and I'm loving it! Recently, Adore Me asked me to share with you all my perfect date night outfit, and as summer is approaching this felt like the perfect time to reveal my choice. I'm normally a pretty girly dresser, but I also live in constant fear that I will be inappropriately dressed on first dates (no one wants to find out they have to sit on the ground after choosing to wear a short dress), so I tend to tone my look down and go more casual with a pair of jeans or shorts. The top and shoes still communicated my feminine style and I keep the accessories simple with my staples: my Kendra Scott necklace and a gold pair of hoops. 

      However, nothing makes me feel more comfortable and confident than a bra that actually fits. For my 18th birthday all I asked my mom for was to get fitted for a nice bra. Actually finding out my size changed my life. It might seem like I'm exaggerating but for reference I thought I was a 36 D and I am a 40 B. As great as it felt to finally have the proper support, I soon found that very few places A) carry my size and B) those that do usually only have plain t-shirt bras. So the fun of buying cute bras went away. However, Adore Me is not like that. Not only do they carry my "weird" size, but they carry it in a large selection of types and styles. For much of my life, I have found that clothes are not made to fit me, which can be disheartening when you are obsessed with fashion. Adore Me knows better and recognizes that fashion belongs to everyone, and I commend them for that. Down below, you will find some of my favorite selections from Adore Me's site that I think would make any girl feel confident on her first date. We all deserve to feel beautiful and amazing and if a cute bra and underwear set can give you that extra push, then wear it for you.

Find your own favorites here:

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