Thursday, July 10, 2014

Upgrade your flip flops: July DIY Week

I obviously really like shoe DIYs.... opps. Today's post is actually a back up DIY, because the first one fell through. I needed someone more skilled to do it for me... But never-the-less, I really love this easy, and cute, way to fix-up your flip flops. Plus it's something that you can remove if you want to wear your flip flops without it.
I originally saw this on Pinterest but followed the DIY here!

What you need:
Flip flops

Fold your scarf in half, like a hot dog, and cut down the fold.

Then take one of your halves and fold it in half, hamburger style, and twist it just enough to break up the squareness of the scarf.

Loop your scarf through the straps. Then tie the scarf in a not around it and then take the two ends and separate them towards the two different straps.

Loop one end of the scarf around the corresponding strap until you cover all of it.

Once you reach the end your done! Tie the remaining fabric around your ankles and love your newish sandals!


  1. They look totally transformed. They're so cute! Such a good idea!(: xo
    Molly Louise Blogs