Thursday, November 12, 2015


I am pretty sure it's a known fact that men's clothes are more comfortable than women's. Take for instance, this insanely comfortable flannel (similar here), which I thrifted last spring, and my DIY boyfriend jeans (similar here), made from actual men's jeans. By adding a pair of heels to this outfit as well as a feminine makeup look, I took these pieces and made them work for my style.  My college goal is to continue to look my best and feel my best, and this outfit definitely helped me achieve that. I developed a sort of motto as I've transitioned my style recently and it goes, Look like New York, act like Mathews County. I've started to pick up a more relaxed, city vibe in my clothing, but everyday I continue to act like my parents and my community raised me, which I think is important. People should change, but they shouldn't forget where they came from. 

Thanksgiving break is fast approaching, and I can't wait to see my friends and family from back home. I haven't seen my best friend since August, so she better be prepared for me to annoy her to death. We are going to spend quality time together whether she wants it or not. I am also going to get the chance to sleep in my bed again and hang out with my family, which is always the best part of going home. I may call my parents almost everyday, but that doesn't make up for actually being together in the same room. Plus, I could definitely use some home cooking at this point. No offense mom, but I never would have said I loved your cooking until I went to college. I took so much for granted before this year. I can only eat chicken tenders and fries so many times before it gets old.
But moving away from food, it seems so strange that my first semester of college is almost over. My communications teacher continues to encourage me to fight for a spot in a comm class next semester, but alas the burden of a Freshman trying to register has fallen on me. I feel like just yesterday I was scared out of my mind to be starting college and now I'm almost half way through with my first year of college. Time definitely gets faster as you grow older.

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