Tuesday, September 15, 2015

White After Labor Day

I am absolutely loving the colder weather we have been having lately, but I'm not quite ready to give up wearing white. The person who made the "No White After Labor Day" rule obviously didn't own these jeans from American Eagle. I've always been wearing a lot more neutrals recently, which may just be indicative of my much smaller college wardrobe, but it definitely feels like a good change at the moment. Regardless, I've been loving this shirt, which I picked up at Plato's closet, and I'm so excited to break out my favorite pair of booties (similar here). Seriously people, I walked around campus all day wearing these. I'm talking a.m. to p.m.. No joke.

It's the start of my third week of college, and I'm ready for a week long nap. Thankfully the Starbucks right down the road is ready to help me combat that. I've successfully used my first pack of flashcards already, and the cafeteria is serving fried food in celebration of the State Fair coming up, so that pretty much summarizes college for me this week. 
I've also had the chance to interact with Alpha Gamma Delta sisters some more, and hangout with the amazing people of InterVarsity, while still managing to eat Pancakes at Midnight and watch Pocahontas as an honorary (thanks guys) squad member. My parents keep telling me I'm making myself too busy, but I have to admit I like my life when it's full of commitments. Maybe it's because I watched my parents spend countless hours trying to help out and be involved in any way they can, or maybe it's just my Type A kicking in, but regardless it's nice to finally feel like I need to take a break. (Andddddd that's what you missed on Glee!) 

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