Saturday, July 12, 2014

Embossed Jars: July DIY Week

This is my last post for July DIY week. I've accomplished more in this week than I have all summer, craft wise, and I have to say that I'm pretty happy about it.
Today's post is another Pinterest find, and I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought. I have terrible hand writing, so I was certain I was going to hate the way it looked, but I think it turned out pretty good!

What You Need:

Hot Glue Gun
Wax Paper
Spray Paint

First you take your hot glue gun and draw whatever it is you want embossed n your glassware. The original post had even gone as far as to create a pattern, but I didn't think I had the artistic capabilities to conquer that one, so I went with a heart, my initials, and my insignia.

Once that has dried you spray paint the glassware! After that dries your done and you have unique and pretty cool glassware.

I'm really excited to incorporate these in my rooms, especially the white one. I think it turned out the best overall, and it's a neutral so it will go with anything, anywhere. How great is that?

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