Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chalkboard: July DIY Week

Hey Guys! I've found that the summer is the only time that I get my Pinterest crafts done, and with that in mind, I have decided to do a DIY week here on Just a Misfit Toy. The first DIY I have for you guys, is the ever popular Chalkboard craft. I had been wanting to do this since last summer (procastination for the win) and I did help my brother make one for his girlfriend last December, but this is the first time that I've made one for myself. They are super easy, really adorable, and won't break the bank.

  What you'll need: Chalkboard paint $9.67
Paint brush (I used a foam one): $0.31
Spray paint: $7.97
Picture frame: (I used an old one at the house)

 First things first, you're going to need to stir your paint. Mine was a light blue color, but of course you're going to want it to be black. It took a lot of stirring, but mine had been sitting around for a while so stirring times may vary.

Next you're going to want to paint the glass part of your picture frame. It took two coats for me to get the coverage above, and the back of the box that holds your paint can will tell you how to appropriately apply said paint. 

I then decided to spice it up a bit by spray painting the frame gold. I love gold, and having a pop of it in my room just seemed like the next natural step in my obsession. Just a quick reminded that you should change into clothes that you don't messing up before doing this. My outfit was a mix of my mom's pajamas and my dads guinea boots. (Seen below)

Make sure that you get a good coating on your frame, and then let it dry before moving it.

 This DIY is really simple and a cute addition to your decor. I use mine to write daily quotes on, but the possibilities are up to your imagination. I really like this DIY and am so excited that I finally got around to doing it. 

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