Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Perfect Wave

(No waves but at least there is water!)

     Today was what I would call the perfect wave. I started off the day at church like I do every Sunday and then made plans to go with my friend to the movies later to see The Purge. After somehow convincing my mom to allow me to go see a rated 'R' movie - Apparently if you continue to point out that it is basically a more violent version of The Hunger Games it becomes an acceptable rating - my friend and I headed back towards my house so that I could change out of my church clothes and grab everything I needed.
     Once back at her place, we ate lunch with her family, and after they had all cleared out, we settled down to watch Pitch Perfect. this is one of my all time favorite movies, and I will watch it a million times if given the opportunity (Whilst quoting the whole thing, of course). We decided to head out after the fantastic yet not-wanted ending of the movie, and made our way towards a frozen yogurt chain in a nearby town called Sweet Frogs. Again, Sweet Frogs is one of my favorite places, and if money and calories were not a problem, I would eat it all day every day.
       It was after we finally finished stuffing our faces, after we browsed through the shops surrounding the movie theater trying to kill time, and after we bought snacks at the local Food Lion, that we finally bought our tickets and sat down to watch The Purge. Now, I'm not a scary movie person - I watch them because I love movies and hate not knowing about things that people are bound to be talking about - but I found myself thoroughly enjoying this movie. As creepy as it sounds, I love the ideas and thinking behind it. I guess it's the writer in me, but none-the-less, it kept me enthralled and on the edge of my seat.
     The movie ended, I said hi to a friend that we ran into leaving the theater, and we headed back home discussing the movie and dancing like fools to the latest hits station. It was a good day. In fact, it was probably some of the most fun I have had in a while, considering it has been raining cats and dogs the entire week I had finals. Not exactly what I would call 'fun'.
    But this wasn't the end. Far from it, actually. You see, my mom rented Chasing Mavericks for us to watch. After finally deciding that watching a third movie was not in fact overkill, I made my way upstairs and let the entertainment ensue. Chasing Mavericks was a great movie, in fact, I would go as far as saying it was one of the best new movies I have seen in a while. I don't even know what made it so powerful, yet something in it struck a chord with me. You see, (without giving away too much and ruining the movie), this kid Jay loves surfing. There is nothing else in this world he loves more than it. He spends all of his free time doing it, and it's what makes him feel alive. In the movie he's chasing Mavericks, the biggest waves in the world.
     I fear if I say anymore I'll ruin it for someone, so I'll leave it at that, but what really strikes me about all of this is his determination. He is so determined to be the best surfer he can be. It reminds me of my life and the lack of determination I sometimes have in what I love. There is nothing I love more than writing and I spend a large portion of my time doing things that will hopefully make me better at it, yet still I wish I could have just some of the determination that Jay has.
     I live on the Chesapeake Bay, and water sports have always been a big part of my life. I've just been in love and fascinated with them for as long as I can remember. I don't think I can even comprehend Jay's love for surfing, yet a part of me knows exactly what that perfect wave feels like. For me, the non-surfer, it's when the water is calm and the boat is pulling your knee-board, skis, or inner-tube just right. It's when your body is moving just the way you want it and your knees are feeling up for anything. It's when you're well rested and ready for a day on the boat. It's when you can feel yourself become one with the water and suddenly you can do anything.
     The perfect wave doesn't have to be water related. In fact, though I love that 'perfect wave' feeling when I'm knee-boarding or skiing, I love it even more when I'm writing. When suddenly words are flowing from my fingertips like the flood gates of my mind have opened and everything just makes sense. When I finally reach into the deepest, darkest corners of a character and find I know everything about them and feel them come to life. That is a perfect wave that creates a high only writers will ever understand.
    You see, I think we can find the perfect wave in anything we love. All it takes is a little determination.

    Where do you find your perfect wave?

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