Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thrift Haul: First Edition

         I am a firm believer in thrift stores, yard sales, clothing swaps, and consignment stores. If I can get nice, possibly name brand, clothes for a good price, I'm hooked.  My mom and I go thrift store hunting a lot, and this past weekend was one of many romps. We actually went to one of the stores that we tend to have bad luck with, but I actually came out with some pretty cool finds. I went in with low expectations and came out 2 pairs of shorts, 5 shirts, and a pair of heels later.

Red Shorts: $4.96

A personal favorite of mine, these shorts were affordable
 and high waisted (which I had been searching for!).
We almost died, but the cool 'in the road shot' was worth it

Red shorts = Red lips
 "We'll play hide and seek, to turn  this around"
Denim collared tank: Hand-me down from mom's good ol' days.

 Shorts: Originally from Old Navy (Possible cost: $22.94.) Purchased from DAV (Price $4.96 )

Brown Shorts: $6.96

I was in dire need of these bad boys.
Shorts: $6.96
Hat: Hand-me down from dad
Top: From Target $12.00
Beaded sandal: free from Neighbor's foreclosure (One mans trash)
Best  Friends: Priceless

Savannah, the photographer, really liked my barn door...

Ralph Lauren Tee: $4.96

I apologize for the wrinkles, I took this after the 
photo shoot.

Vest: $20.00 from Kohls
Tee: $4.96 (Originally $29.99)
Grey Tank: $5.00 from Walmart
Striped shorts: $11.00 from Walmart
Fake Toms: $6.00 at Dollar General

Denim and Pink
Oh look! Another barn door!

Lace Top: $6.96

Through our eyes...

We're just really happy it's summer.

Lace top: $6.96 (Originally $20.00 from Peebles)
Navy tank: $5.00 from Walmart
Polka Dot skirt: $15.00 from Ross
Sandals:$2.96 from an earlier
thrift shop adventure.

Sun and Raybans

Fun With Friends

Bless Savannah she really hates water...

Wet Seal Jeans: $6.96

They were so scared I was going to fall...

I thought we we're trying to look posh... my bad...

Melanie looks so confused! "What are we looking at guys?"

Follow the leader!

Jeans: $6.96 (originally $36.90)
Boots: $44.50 from Pacsun
High low Shirt: $9.52 from Deb
Floral Tank: $5.99 from JCPenny
Suspenders: $3.75 from

This little guy decided to join our photo shoot!

Ralph Lauren Polo: $6.96


We are soooo cool!


Polo: $6.96 (Originally $44.50)
Skirt: $19.99 from Target
Sunglasses: $12.00 from Walmart


Button-up Shirt: $2.96

A little Ozzy Osborne-esque...

Button Up: $2.96 (Originally $11.94)
Dress: $24.99 from Target
Shoes: $24.99 from Payless
Sunglasses: Borrowed from Sophia

"Why are you my clarity?"

Heels: $6.96

We look like the princess and the pauper.

Secrets keep friends close...

White tank: $6.00 from Walmart
White top: $18.32 from Deb
Yellow Skirt: $4.96 from an earlier thrift store haul
Shoes: $6.96 (Unable to find Original price)
Sunglasses: Borrowed from Sophie

Wake me up before you go, go!

I had so much fun doing this photo shoot! These are my best friends in the entire world and there is no one else I would want to be photographed with on a humid day in June. A special thanks to my amazing best friend behind the camera that somehow managed to make us look photogenic... It's a mystery really. Thanks so much Savannah! I'd love to hear about you some of the things you have snagged from thrift stores, yard sales, and/or your mom's blast from the past, so please share in the comments below. There's nothing better than a conversation about a great deal!

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