Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Child's Play

There's something about a good pair of overalls, or an overall-dress for that matter, that makes me feel like a kid again. The huge flower pots at the VMFA seemed perfect for creating that child-like vibe my outfit was giving me. I paired it with my The 1975 shirt and white converse, for a pastel outfit. This is definitely not my usual style, but I was dying to wear this DIYed dress, and I think it worked out great.

School is officially a month away, and I am so excited! I've gotten all of my school supplies, I've started to order my books, and I am well on my way towards being ready for move-in day. My family and I just got back from vacation, which I followed up with training for my new job at school, so I am ready for my life to start moving forward again.

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