Saturday, September 27, 2014

DIY Bow Back T-Shirt

Tomorrow I am going to be participating a Color War photo shoot, thanks to Tiffany Sigmon! I am so excited, I honestly cannot wait. 
I decided to spice up my white shirt for the event, with this DIY that I found on Bethany Mota's YouTube channel.

For this DIY, you're going to need a t-shirt, some fabric, scissors, a hot glue gun, a needle, thread, and a ruler.

I decided to turn this tee in a muscle tank, so I folded it in half, made sure there were no bumps in it, and cut from just below the sleeve to the top of the shirt, following the hem line. This step is optional of course, but I think it made the shirt even cooler.

Next, you're going to cut a scoop out of the back. You can make it as wide and deep as you would like, but I would suggest starting off smaller, and working out. I messed up slightly the first time, and I was lucky to have gone too narrow as opposed to too wide. Remember, you can always make it bigger.

I then cut the fabric into strips that were 4-1/2 inches wide and 12 inches long. I am terrible at cutting (Ironic since most of this DIY is cutting) so I made sure to make the strips 4-12 inches wide, to give me some leeway for cutting crooked. Which I did...

Then you are going to want to glue down your edges, cleaning up any crooked edges and preventing fraying. Be very careful, because you are working with hot glue, and it can burn you. Trust me, I now have a large blister on the side of my pointer finger to prove it. (I am now wondering why I insist on doing DIYs... I can't cut a straight line, I burn myself on hot glue...)

You then need to pinch the middle of your bow together and wrap the extra fabric you have around it.You could glue this together, but I decided to sew it for a little extra hold (and less burning). I have novice sewing skills, (as depicted by the photo above), so you do not have to be a seamstress to pull this off.

Lastly, you need to line up your bows down the scoop, and glue them to the shirt! This DIY was simple enough for me to do, and I can't cut a straight line, so I have total faith in anyone who wishes to try this. Remember to be careful with the hot glue, and I am positive your shirt will look amazing and far from boring.

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