Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thrift Shopping: Coach Sneakers Edition

             I am so excited about my latest trip to a local thrift store. My mom and I were on our way home from Walmart and I was just stopping by the thrift store to pick up an old picture frame, (for a later blog post...), when I saw one of the greatest things I have ever seen. On the door was  a yellow sheet of paper that read, "20% of everything you can fit in the bag."
            So maybe I'm being a bit dramatic when I saw, "one of the greatest things I have ever seen", but I was really excited non-the less. I found the picture frame first - making sure to stay on track - before grabbing a brown paper bag and going to town. I ended up with three pairs of shoes, two shirts, a dress, the frame, and then my mom threw a shirt for her in the bag. My favorite purchase of of the day, was of course, the Coach shoes at $3.25.
           Now, I wouldn't call myself a label whore, I prefer the term label lover, but I am a HUGE fan of finding labels for good prices, and Coach is one of my favorite labels. You don't really find it very often at thrift stores in my area, so I've been admiring from afar... until today that is.



Of course, with most thrift store shoes, there was the slight problem of wearing. Thankfully, it was just on the out sole of the shoe, so I was able to improve its appearance with a Magic Eraser.

         I'm pretty much in love with these shoes, and I'm actually am torn between wearing them everyday and never wearing them in order to keep them looking nice. The struggle is real...

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